Amanda Barker is a multidisciplinary artist, working primarily in painting. Her work is based entirely on autobiographical events, both past and present. Some recurring themes in Amanda’s work are body image and spatial memory recall.

Body image is often explored through self-portraiture in multiple media. Amanda’s struggles with various health conditions and her fluctuating weight have made her aware of the misogyny and fatphobic lens with which American society views the female body. This is a critical theme for her.

Some of Amanda’s work explores the idea of spatial memory through imagery of empty environments, interior and exterior. She thinks of these environments as monumental spaces - the pre-existing conditions of the space are erased and given new meaning based upon important memories that are connected to the space.

Amanda graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Painting. Her work has been shown widely in Queens and more recently in Manhattan at Bortolami Gallery and Atlantic Gallery. She also co-founded Boulevard Film Festival in Sunnyside, Queens.