Studio Photograph 2015

On-set Photograph from  Unto Light  2014

On-set Photograph from Unto Light 2014

Amanda Barker is an artist from Fort Myers, Florida, currently living in Sunnyside, Queens. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2011 with a B.F.A. in Painting. She is a member of the Sunnyside Artists. She is also a co-founder and programmer of the Boulevard Film Festival.

Amanda works primarily as a painter, but is also a multidisciplinary artist. Some of the work that she does includes printmaking, drawing, photography, film and video, and acting. Her work is autobiographical, borrowing images from her youth in rural Florida and from life in New York. It emphasizes feminism and the struggles of being an American woman in the 21st century. Many of Amanda’s paintings are self-portraits dealing with body image, along with portraits of men and other women from the female gaze. She is also interested in the life of interior and exterior spaces, where these living spaces can trigger deep emotional feelings or memories of the events that have taken place in them. Some of her videos and performances are based on the physical difficulties and expectations of a woman’s “duty” to exercise, lose weight and stay in shape. In a world where misogyny has still not been eliminated, Amanda hopes to create a snapshot of contemporary life from the female perspective.